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What is Alvex?

Alvex is a set of extensions for Alfresco that improves Alfresco capabilities in adaptive case management, project management and business process management areas. It provides many features for users out-of-the-box. Developers can use Alvex as a part of their solutions and extend Alvex to meet business needs.


Why Alvex?

Compatible with Alfresco 5.x

Alvex started its life on Alfresco 3.4. Now it's completely reworked to meet new Alfresco 5.1-5.2 architectural changes and new features. Install it and see!

Open source

Alvex extensions are fully open and live on Github. You can take the sources and see how it works, or you can join the development process to make Alvex better.

Enterprise Support

We are committed to making our customers' projects successful. Buy Alvex subscription and get 24x7 support or ask us to implement a new feature in Alvex for you.

End-user features

Alvex brings business value out-of-the-box without any additional development and configuration. Orgchart, project management sites, custom workflows - install and start using them.

Features for developers

Alvex provides rich APIs for integration into custom solutions. Use Java, JavaScript and REST API to integrate Alvex with third-party applications or to develop custom components on top of Alvex.

Alvex for system integrators

If your Alfresco project is short on time, workflows and UI components, available out of the box extensions, are the key to success.


Alvex allows creating the org chart specifying divisions, subordinates and managers.

  • Form controls to select users and orgstructure units from the orgchart
  • User roles to define their occupation and zone of responsibility
  • Role based assignment: configure workflow to assign task to "secretary" or "accountant" without hard-coding names in the BPMN file
  • Out-of-office feature: automatically reassign tasks if person is on vacation or business trip
  • Java API, JavaScript API and REST API for org chart management and 3rd party applications integration

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Github project

Project Management

Alvex provides tools to create a workspace for every long-term project that aggregates all information responsible team member needs to manage it:

  • workflows, attached to the project
  • timeline and schedule to see what's happening and what action should be the next
  • document library to store all files and documents

Relations between workflows, workflow discussions, new task page and other workflow-related features help to get all information about the business process quickly.

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Masterdata Management

Use external or internal directories with master data to fill fields on the form. For example, for any document it is possible to select a contractor. It allows avoiding mistakes in company naming if a document is entered by hand.

This compoment extends default Alfresco content model LIST constraints to use dynamic and external lists of values. Can be used when filling document metadata or task fields to fill form fields with a data from Alfresco data lists, Master Data management systems, any external API in XML or JSON format.

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Github Project

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Other Extensions


Upload new files to Alfresco repository on any task form or metadata edit form instead of uploading them in advance to the Document Library


Replace default Alfresco datagrid to provide auto-generated datagrid search, configurable columns, custom cell renderers and custom item actions

Custom Workflows

Custom workflows that present Alvex features and can be used for generic use cases: Assign a task, Request Document Approval and Distribute Documents

Manager Dashboard

Pages and dashlets for Supervisors to monitor tasks and workflows of users in the divisions he manages, their performance and tasks lifecycle

Workflow Permissions

Files Permission Manager, Lock Manager, Permissions for groups to limit access to start business process types are the key to secure your processes

Inform Policy

Inform creator, editors and all users mentioned in associations about changes of the document in the Alfresco repository

Infavorites association

Add favorite content nodes and folders into user associations. If using Inform Policy, it informs user about changes of the favourited documents

Middle Name

This extension adds person middle name to people API, new user page and view user form in admin console, user profile, header









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