Alvex Orgchart for Alfresco can be used for:

  • Browsing units and roles, learning your organization structure
  • Selecting people from the Org Chart to assign a task or send a document to another department
  • Assigning tasks automatically using Org Chart roles
  • Redirecting tasks to another users when you are out-of-office


  • An employee can have several roles within one or several departments (e.g. employee can be both Deputy General Manager and Sales Director).
  • You can configure workflows to assign tasks to people by their roles. If the employee left the company, you will not need to update and redeploy the workflow definition, just set a role to another person.
  • Branch or department administrator can modify the branch or department without being an Alfresco Administrator.
  • The system allows appoint substitutes for vacation time, leave or business trips. Reassignment is held in a way transparent both for users and business processes.
  • Org chart creation and management is held in the administrator’s console in the system’s web interface.
  • Programmers and administrators can use Java API, JavaScript API and REST API for org chart management and 3rd party applications integration.
  • If Active Directory or OpenLDAP accounts are used to connect employees to the system, org chart can be imported from the external catalog server.

Github repo