Project Management

Note: This component is deprecated, it may be not stable on new Alfresco releases and will be removed soon.

This component introduces special spaces in Alfresco Share to store all files and tasks relate to the project.

Project site includes:

  • workflows, attached to the project, to create one huge workflow or many autonomous tasks
  • check lists to define milestones
  • timeline and schedule to see what’s happening in the project and what action should be the next
  • document library to store all files and documents
  • conversations with external people and between project team members
  • list of involved people with their contacts and roles in the project

Also this extension customizes default workflow-related pages to show information users need.

New workflow-related features:

  • My tasks page with table view and search
  • Task page includes workflow history, list of participants etc
  • Related workflows to link tasks and workflows on the fly
  • Workflow discussions

Github repo